GREAVE, Thomas
(Abt 1650-1700)
GREAVE, Samuel


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BEZER, Sarah

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  • Born: 1677, probably Ireland 9
  • Marriage: BEZER, Sarah in Jun 1702 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle co., Delaware 1 2 3
  • Died: 5 Oct 1741, New Castle co., Delaware at age 64 9 10

bullet  General Notes:

"A Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800 and Ancestry databae:
Will of Samuel Greave, located at Christiana Hundred, made Sept (7th month) 21, 1741. Will probated Nov. 3, 1741, Will Book Misc, p. 1.107. "Yeoman; Wife, Sarah Greave; son, John Greave; son, Samuel Greave; son, Jonathon; daughter, Martha and her husband, Jacob Chandler. Executors - three sons, John, Samuel and Jonathan."

per Wikipedia: A yeoman is a British term for a middle-class farmer who owned his land, and often farmed it himself.


Ferris, Benjamin, [View Citation] [Table of Contents]
A history of the original settlements on the Delaware : from its discovery by Hudson to the colonization under William Penn : to which is added an account of the ecclesiastical affairs of the Swedish settlers, and a history of Wilmington, from its first settlement to the present time  Wilmington: Wilson & Heald, 1846, 319 pgs.

The town founded was commonly called "Willingtown" in Christiana Hundred, New Castle co., Delaware. Note: Per Wilmington, DE history website: Later name was changed to Wilmington. Was granted a borough charter in 1739 by the King of England.

A petition was gotten together regarding this town -- the land is referred to as follows: a "small neck of land lying between the rivers of Brandywine and Christiana in the county of New Castle". This petition was basically to incorporate, and to run businesses. Samuel Greave, Samuel Greave Jr., and Swithin Chandler were among several familiar names on this petition. This was about 1736, and the petition was directed to Thomas Penn, Esq.

A market house was erected, and there were laws drawn up as to it's use. Many men agreed, and pitched in money. Many did not, and were not interested. Among those in the latter group were Samuel Greave and Swithin Chandler. Signed 27 Jun 1738.

bullet  Birth Notes:

The American Genealogist said he was b. abt 1670.

bullet  Death Notes:

part of the record of Newark-Kennett MM, died testate.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Certificate Granted: after the fact, 2 Apr 1701, Bucks co., Pennsylvania. 9 from Bucks co. MM

Certificate Granted, 25 Jul 1701, Philadelphia co., Pennsylvania. 9 Samuel requested a certificate from Philadelphia MM to Chester co. MM. He was "a stranger" there, so they had to make some inquiries about him, before granting it on this date. His original request was made June 27, 1701.

land: warrant issued, 4 Nov 1702, New Castle co., Delaware. 9 Commissioners of Property issued the warrant to Samuel Greave for land on the south side of Brandywine Creek in New Castle co. This land was resurveyed on April 8, 1703, according to the Book of Surveys, New Castle Co., Delaware, pg. 219.

Religion, 5 Feb 1703, Newark MM, New Castle co., Delaware. 11 Appointed, with George Harlan, to attend the Quarterly Meeting.

Religion, Sep 1703, Newark MM, New Castle co., Delaware. 11 Samuel Graves and George Harlan were appointed to discuss his impending marriage with Cornelius Empson, and report back to the next monthly meeting.
(it sounds as though they were wondering if Empson was clear what was expected by the church in marriage, a formality before the wedding?)

Religion: Centre MM, 1711, Christiana Hundred, New Castle co., Delaware. 12 A meeting house was to be established, and the notes from 9th Mo. 3, 1711 say:"This meeting appoints George Harlan, Thos. Hollingworth, Allphonsus Kirk and Saml. Graves to take ye oversight of ye buildling of ye Center meeting house requesting ym wth all Convenient speed to let out ye work to some workmen in order yt it may be more speedily done and return an acctt to ye next meeting how they proceed."

land: survey, 13 May 1720, New Castle co., Delaware. 9 Samuel's land on the southwest side of Red Clay Creek, New Castle County, was surveyed. This land wasadjoining the land known as "Letitia's Manor" (belonging at one time to Letitia Penn)

land: purchase, 15 May 1725, New Castle co., Delaware. 9 William and Letitia (Penn) Aubrey of London sold Samuel Greave a parcel of the land given to her by her father, William Penn, for 37 pounds, 7 shillings. This land was in a tract known as "Letitia's Manor" and the "Manor of Steyning". This land adjoined land he already owned. Recorded in the New Castle County Deed Book G, Vol. 1, p. 553.

Other: Petitioned the King of England for intervention in boundary disputes, 13 Mar 1734, Concord Monthly Meeting, Chestery co., Pennsylvania. 13

Religion: Concord Quarterly Meeting Roll, 12 May 1735. 14

Other, 13 Jul 1736, Wilmington, New Castle co., Delaware. 15 Name was among those from Wilmington (Willing Town) on Christiana Hundred on a petition regarding a new markethouse, July 13, 1736.

Will Written, 21 Sep 1741. 9

Will proved, 3 Nov 1741. 9 Sarah was left 1/3 of all the rents and profits of his real estate, along with the best bed and furniture, and the large Bible. John Greave, son, got the 200 acre plantation where he was living, in Christiana Hundred.
Son Samuel Greave Jr. got the messuage where Samuel Sr. lived at that time, along with the plantations and "its 200 acres in Christiana Hundred.", plus what crops have been planted and harvested. He also got the clock and case, half of the weaving tools, half of the remaining personal property. Jonathan Greave got the messuage plantation where he was living in Christiana Hundred, plus 100 acres of land, the rest of the personal estate, all cooper tools, 10 pounds.  To his daughter Martha and her husband Jacob Chandler, 10 pounds of money of "this government", to be paid to him within 6 years of his father's death. His sons John, Jonathan, and Samuel were the executors of his will. Recorded in New Castle County Miscellaneous Will Book No. 1, p. 107.


Samuel married Sarah BEZER, daughter of William BEZER and Sarah COOLE, in Jun 1702 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle co., Delaware.1 2 3 (Sarah BEZER was born on 25 Feb 1677 in Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England 3 9 16 and died on 15 Aug 1751 in New Castle co., Delaware 9 16.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage: Filed first Intent to Marry, 11 May 1702, Thornbury twp., Chester co., Pennsylvania. 9 Friends were required to file two Intent to Marry; this first was held at George Pearce's house in Thornbury twp. Samuel was an elder at this MM.

Marriage: second Intent to Marry filed, 8 Jun 1702, Thornbury twp., Chester co., Pennsylvania. 9

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Married at Chichester Meeting, per John Bezer article

Samuel was a weaver by trade, and they lived near where Centerville, Delaware is today. For many years, Samuel was an accepted minister in the Society of Friends, as well as an elder in the Centre Monthly Meeting. Samuel passed away on
Oct. 5, 1741, and Sarah on oct. 15, 1751.

Chester County, Pennsylvania, is now Delaware County. Samuel and Sarah may have been married April 8, 1702.

My Notes:
William Penn conveyed 15,500 acres to his daughter Letitia in 1699, which was known as "Letitia Manor". This land included all of what's now New Garden township, and most of Kennett township, with several thousand acres more in northern New Castle County, Delaware. She got the eastern part, and her brother William Penn Jr. got the western part. Letitia got her part by her father's patent, Oct. 23, 1701. It was called "Manor of Steyning"

She came over from England on her father's second trip here in 1699, and then returned to England in 1701, but authorized James Logan and Edward Pennington, her attorneys to dispose of the land.

Numerous settlers in this area were Irish Quakers... so perhaps the Greave clan was as well?

Notes from The American Genealogist article on the Greave family

March 5, 17001701: Bucks co. MM, Samuel Greaves had left without a certificate, and now requested one.
April 2, 1701: They gave him a certificate, indicating he was in good standing with them.
June 27, 1701: Philadelphia MM, Samuel Greaves requested a certificate to Chester Co. MM. He was a relative stranger there, so they did some further checking on him before granting a certificate.
July 25, 1701: The report was made back that they could find no problem with Samuel Greaves, so they issued him one.

Nov. 4, 1702: The Commissioners of Property issued a warrant that Samuel Greave owned land on the south side of Brandywine Creek in New Castle co., Delaware, described using "perches", posts and trees.
The land was resurveyed on April 8, 1703 (per Tho. Pierson, Recorded in the Book of Surveys, New Castle County on Delaware, page 219.

Another survey: On the southwest side of Red Clay Creek in the line of Letitia's Manor. 200 acres. Surveyed for Samuel by virtue of a Commissioners' Warrant, May 13, 1720. New Castle County Survey Book, p. 220.

Deed dated May 15, 1725, William and Laetitia (Penn) Aubrey of London, Samuel was sold, for 37 pounds, 7 Shillings, some of her land in the Manor of Steyning. This land adjoined some he already owned. Recorded in New Castle County Deed Book G, Vol. 1, p. 553. 9 16



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