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James Callender Adams

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James Callender Adams
  • Born: 25 Jan 1771

    James Callender Adams was also known as "Callender".

    He relocated from Springfield, Massachusetts, between 1783 and 1786, to St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and served in the Revoluationary War with the Vermont Militia. In 1793, he moved again, to Duncansborough (Newport), Orleans co., Vermont with his brother, Martin, and their families, being the first settlers in that area. They traveled through forests to Barton Landing, and from there went down the Barton River via canoe and raft, to Lake Memphremagog. They settled at Adams Bay (later named that in their honor) on Lake Road. Their grain and saw mills were powered by the Clyde River.

    He was named one of the Selectmen at the Mar 1800 town meeting.

    Lake Memphremagog and Newport, Vermont