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Ira Allen AdamsMary Fish

George Fish Adams

f a m i l y

Children with:
Cora C. Cheney

Minnie Adams
Gertrude Adams

Irving Robert Adams

George Fish Adams

  • Born: 29 Mar 1854, Newport, Orleans co., Vermont

  • Married 1882, Lunenburg, Essex co., Vermont, to Cora C. Cheney

  • Died: 25 Feb 1929, Newport, Orleans co., Vermont

  • Occupation: Physician


                                   George F. Adams, M. D.


    George Fish Adams was born 29 Mar 1854 to Ira Allen and Mary (Fish) Adams, at Newport, Orleans co., Vermont.  He married Cora Cheney in 1882, at Lunenburg, Essex co., Vermont, and they had two children: George C., and Irving Robert Adams.  He practiced medicine in various area towns, and was a member of the Vermont Medical Society, and past president of the Orleans County Medical Society.  He was said to have had "an optimism and good humor that are prime requisites in the sick room, and is an influential citizen."


    His wife passed away on 26 Sep 1919, at Newport, and he died 25 Feb 1929, at the age of 74.