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Myrtle E. Seeman
  • Born: 6 Sep 1891, Colorado
  • Died: 5 Jan 1909, Edgewater, Jefferson co., Colorado


    Myrtle Estelle Seeman was born on 06 Sep 1891 in Colorado, the daughter of Henry and Eva (Adams) Seeman.  About 1895, her family moved to Stephenson co., Illinois, and later to Dubuque, Iowa for a short while before settling permanently in Rockham, South Dakota.

    When she was fifteen, her mother contracted tuberculosis, and died about a year later.  About the time of her mother's death, she became sick as well, and went to the Colorado Home for Consumptives in Edgewater, Colorado, where she died a little more than a year later.  She was returned home for burial at Rockham Grace cemetery, near her mother.

    Home for Consumptives

    Edgewater, Colorado

    Gravestone of Myrtle Seeman

    Rockham Grace Cemetery