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Abial Abbott Adams

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Children with:
Irene Irena Gray/

Charles Calendar Adams
Mercy Adams
James C. Adams
Sarah "Sally" Adams
Allen Adams
Roderick Adams
Hallett Adams
Thirza T. Adams
Lydia Adams
Hannah Adams

John Quincy Adams
Newell Henry Harrison Adams
Abel Parlin Adams
James C. Adams
Orin J. Adams
Daniel M. Adams
Lucretia Adams
Oscar Dunreath Adams
Ira Allen Adams
Mercy Adams
Harriet A. Adams
Donald Carlos Adams
Ransom Willis Adams
Frank Weston Adams
David M. Adams
Abial Abbott Adams
  • Born: 24 Jan 1802, Newport, Orleans co., Vermont
  • Married 10 Jun 1823, Sandwich, Carroll co., New Hampshire, to Irene Irena Gray/
  • Died: Aug 1879, Newport, Orleans co., Vermont
  • Occupation: owned saw mill, carpenter and farmed


    Abial Abbott Adams, son of Martin Adams and Mercy Mary Ryder, was born 24 Jan 1802 in Newport, Orleans co., Vermont, the first white child born within the present limits of the town. He was probably named for Abiel Abbott, a prominent clergyman of that area. Abial Adams worked as a farmer, carpenter, and owned a saw mill. He was town clerk in 1825, and a member of the Baptist church.

    He married Irene Gray, daughter of John Gray, on 10 Jun 1823 in Sandwich, Carroll co., New Hampshire. She was born on 15 Sep 1807.

    He died Aug 1879 in Newport, Orleans co., Vermont at the age of 77. Irene died on 1 Apr 1885 in Newport, also at age 77. They are buried at Lake Road Cemetery, Newport.

    They were the parents of 15 children: Ira Allen, David M., Daniel M., Lucretia, James C., John Quincy, Abel Parlin, Oscar Dunreath, Mercy, Newell Henry Harrison, Orin J., Harriet A., Donald Carlos, Ransom Willis, and Frank Weston.