1956 Aeneid

Virgil High School

Virgil, South Dakota

Advertisers and Boosters




Virgil Co-Op Ass'n - Louis Le Grand, Mgr., Mel Fuehrer, Ass't. Mgr., Virgil, South Dakota

Virgil Garage, S. H. Taylor & Sons, Props., Virgil, South Dakota

Northwest Security National Bank, Carl J. Odegard, Mgr., L. Cornell, Ass't., Lewis Meyers, Ass't, John McGregor, Ass't, Huron, South Dakota

Sid Glanzer Studio, 320 3rd St. SW, Huron, South Dakota

Huron's New Car Dealers Association - Warren Motor Co., Wilson Barber Auto Co., Porter Motor Sales, Verschoor Chevrolet, Johnson Ford Co., Jones Co., Wilson Motor Co., D. Urquhart & Sons, Anderson-Knutson, Smith Motor Co., Osmen Motor Co.

O.K. Rubber Welders, 21st at Dakota Ave. S., Huron, South Dakota

Drs. Robeson & Robeson, Optometrists, 1st Door East F. W. Woolworth, Huron, South Dakota

Dr. R. P. Bethke, Dr. R. Lyle Bethke, Chiropractors, 336 Dakota Ave. S., Huron, South Dakota

Taylor Films Camera Store, 79 Third St. S.E., Huron, South Dakota

J. F. Anderson Lbr. Co., Sieb Johnson Mag., Huron, South Dakota

P. C. Van Deraarde, Candy - Cigarettes - Pop, Virgil, South Dakota

Wullweber Hardware, Virgil, South Dakota

Armour's Creamery

Virgil Grocery, Virgil, South Dakota

Drs. Chaffee, Thorpe, Brown - Huron Veternary [sic] Supply, Huron, South Dakota

Hoy's Tavern and Hoy's Sign Service, Virgil ,South Dakota

Virgil Pool Hall and Liquor Store, Chas. Kukuk, Virgil, South Dakota

Northwest Oil Co. & Silver Diner Cafe, Huron, South Dakota





Vern's Service Station, Huron

A. & M. Radio & TV, Huron

Perriton's, Huron

Hebren Jewelers, Huron

Spink's, Huron

Red Arrow Bar, Huron

Service Shoe Shop, Huron

Huron Clinic, Huron

C. W. Foster, Virgil

Wiabel [sic] Hardware, Huron

Larry's Smart Fashions, Huron

Wheeler Rexall Drug Store, Huron

Hedblom Clothing Store, Huron

Huron Dry Goods, Huron

Potters Shoe Store, Huron

Penny's Store, Huron

Ed & Eb's Grocery, Huron

General Auto Electric Co., Huron

National Bank of South Dakota, Huron

Rex Jewelry, Huron

Bill Wolner Insurance Agency, Huron

Farmers and Merchants Bank, Huron

Schwartz Pharmacy, Huron

Randall's Super Value, Huron

KIJV Studio, Huron

Quality Appliance, Huron

Monty's Service Station

Heusgins [sic], Huron

Willies Service, Huron

A Friend, Huron

Smith Jewelry, Huron

Fellow and Clarke Pharmacy, Huron

E. C. Olson, Huron

Humphrey Drug, Huron

Thompson's Gift and Hobby Shop, Huron

Julia's Hats, Huron

Kundert Supply Co., Huron

Sunshine State Hatchery, Huron

Fullertons Furniture, Huron

Eilers', Huron

Vallet Quality Cleaners, Huron

Wards, Huron

Stivers, Huron

Habicht, Huron

N. W. Security Bank, Huron

A Friend, Huron

Ritchey's Music, Huron




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