1955 Aeneid

Virgil High School

Virgil, South Dakota






Editor: Ardelle Mettler

Assistant Editor: Donna Clouser

Senior Editor: John Freese

Class Editor: Carol Wieland

Activities Editor: Clark Van De Walle

Sports Editor: Norman Schiltz

Art Editor: Hubert Perry

Business Manager: Dwight Wullweber

Writers: Helen Reilly, Connie Johnson, Bruce Foster, Rodney Bauder, Kendall Groothuis, Grace Le Grand

This year's work on the annual was begun by solicitation of ads from business places in Huron and Virgil.  Sid Glanzer, a photographer from Huron, took the pictures.








Editor: Clark Van De Walle

Assistant Editor: Dwight Wullweber

Circulation Editor: Carol Wieland

Class Editor: Connie Johnson

Sports Editor: Norman Schiltz

Art Editor: Hubert Perry

Feature Editor: Bruce Foster

Reporters: Ardelle Mettler, Rodney Bauder, Helen Reilly, Kendall Groothuis, John Freese, Grace Le Grand, Donna Clouser

During the past year the entire junior and senior classes have published the school paper.  Five issues were published.  The first three issues were published by both classes, and the last two issues by the junior class alone.



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