1944 Wildcat

Colman High School

Colman, South Dakota



Editor Nellie Nelsen
Associate Editor Mary Hicks
Business Managers Vernon Beck
Barbara Nelson
Advertising Managers Shirley Thompson
Dorothy Cooper
Feature Editors Vernett Lamp
Betty Zarecky
Activity Editors Arnold Jensen
Astrid Hammer
Adviser Mr. H. W. Woodward

We the seniors of Colman High School dedicate this, our 1944 Wildcat annual to the alumni now serving in the armed forces.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Board of Education for their efforts in furthering our school
activities and for their interest and cooperation in school affairs.


E. J. Haygeman ---- President
Clarence Harrington ---- Treasurer

C. H. Rawson ---- Clerk


A. A. Jarratt  - Fred Elhoff - Mary Larsen - S. J. Bowar





Vergil Newton

John Branagan

Emil Madsen

Wayne Shanholtz

Kenneth Leeland

Jack Scriven

Dale Bidwell

Minot Cramer

Russell Flatten

Leonard Porter

Ray Bakkedahl

Donald Burrell

Silas Nelson

Vernon Swenson

Lewis Lewis

Harold Lellelid

John Ternus

Marvin Nelson

Ray Shaffer

Bob Miller

Bill Flatten

Dalwin Laughlin

Clarence Lellelid

Earl Huebner

Allen Talbott

Robert Marsh

Darrell Christensen

Lawrence Clemmons

Raymond Nelson

Donald Ockenga

John Ronk

Floyd Snyder

Earl Sykes

Edmund Talbott

Vernon Whealy

Raymond Bunkers

Maynard Lande

Gerald Nace

Leo Nelson

Sylven Odegard

Marvin Larsen

Garland Thompson

Leo Zarecky

Robert Barnes

Donald Bunkers

Duane Buck

Keith Danielson

Jack Gueffroy

Victor Fuhr

Robert Branson

Wilford Haygeman

Arthur Lee

Kenneth Troup

Howard Espland

Leo Lellelid

Clifford Ronk

Blaine Thompson

Duane Troup

Harold Flatten

Eugene Berg

Marvin Olson

Leo Thiele

Stanley Holbeck

Inar Lellelid

Lowell Thompson

Loren Bjerke

Arlton Danielson

Louis Nelson

Blair Vickerman

Clark Cramer

Donald Danielson

Geneva Cramer

Ada Mae Bidwell

Verine Nace

Viola N. Lee




In Memory Of



Miss Allayne Amdahl, our first semester Homemaking instructor, who was fatally injured in a car accident on January 13.  Her standards and ideals may well serve as an inspiration to us.  Her influence and guidance is missed by all who knew and associated with her in school, church, social, and community affairs.



E. J. Haygeman, President; Superintendent Woodward; A. A. Jarratt; Clarence Harrington, Treasurer; Mary Larsen; Fred Elhoff; S. J. Bowar; C. H. Rawson, Clerk

Superintendent H. W. Woodward
B. S. State College

Senior Adviser - Shop - Algebra - Geometry - Coach - Band

Mr. Gullickson, B. S. Augustana
Science - History - Blue and Gold
Mrs. H. W. Woodward, B. S. State College
English - Speech - Senior Play - Library
Mrs. Clifford Gould, B. A., Augustana College
Bookkeeping - Typing - Phys. Ed. - Speech - Junior Play
Miss Whitehead, B. S. State College
Home Ec. - Shorthand - Band - Glee Club


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