Adams Family History








Daniel Adams was born in 1679 in Simsbury, CT. He married Thanks Shepard, daughter of Abraham and Judith (Sill) Shepard in 1696 at Simsbury. He signed a will on 09 January 1713, and died the following day at the age of 34. His will reads:

I, Daniel Addams Jr. of Simsbury, do appoint this to be my last will and testament: I give to my wife Thanks Addams the 1-3 part of my whole estate, real and personal, during life, and 10 in money to her at her dispose. I give to my son Daniel 8 in pay above his equal share of the rest of my estate. I give unto my sons Daniel, Abraham and James all my land to be equally divided among them. I give unto my daughters Thanks and Hannah my moveable [sic] estate after their proportion of my debts are paid out of them. If the income of my estate is not sufficient to bring up the children, they shall be brought up on their several shares. I appoint my wife Thanks sole executrix.

Daniel was buried at Hop Meadow Cemetery in Simsbury. Thanks Adams then married Joseph Pettibone. She lived only another 11 years, dying on 02 Nov 1724 at the age of 41, also buried at Hop Meadow Cemetery.

The children of Daniel and Thanks (Shepard) Adams were:

1) Thanks Adams, 1698-1723

2) Son, unknown name, abt 1699-1699

3) Ephraim Adams, 1701-?

4) Daniel Adams, 1706-1779

5) Abraham Adams, 1707-?

6) Hannah Adams (1709-1776)

7) *James H. Adams, 1712-1787