Adams Family History








Sgt. Daniel Adams was born in 1652 at Watertown, Massachusetts. As a child he relocated with his family to Cambridge Farms (Lexington), Massachusetts about 1664. He settled in Simsbury, CT as an adult. He served in King Phillip's war under Major Willard. By orders of the Windsor Council, settlers in Simsbury left their homes during uprisings in early March of 1676; Indians pillaged and burned 40 homes and destroyed Simsbury as well as other settlements in the area. The following year, on 20 Sept., he married Mary Hester Phelps, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Griswold) Phelps. [she was also known as Mary Pinney, as her stepfather was Nathaniel Pinney] Shortly after their marriage, they were among the settlers returning to Simsbury, being given land near Canton. Daniel was a freeman, and he served as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from 1699-1703. Daniel Adams died on 07 Nov 1713 in Simsbury at the age of 61. His wife died in March of 1715 in Canton, CT at the age of 56.

The children of Sgt. Daniel and Mary Hester Adams were:

1) Samuel Adams, d. 1772

2) Sarah Adams (married Thomas Stevens)

3) Thankful Adams (married Robert Westland)

4) *Daniel Adams, 1679-1713

5) Joseph Adams, 1685-1741

6) Thomas Adams, 1689-1784

7) Benjamin Adams, 1695-1770

8) Thankful Adams, chr. 1697-1699

9) Mary Adams, chr. 1698-1700

10) Marcy Adams, chr. 1698 (married Daniel Porter)

11) Ephraim Adams, chr. May 1701