Marx Christian SEEMANN was born on 15 Nov 1868 in Jackson co., Iowa, to Detlef and Elizabeth (Petersen) Seemann

He ran a sight seeing bus from Seattle to Vancouver; he dropped a tire jack on his foot, eventually resulting in gangrene, and his leg had to be amputated in 1923. He then moved to Miles, Iowa, and lived with his brother, Henry. When Henry died, he bought a small farm on the river bottom at Green Island, and farmed. After his retirement, he moved to Bellvue.

He had "arteriosclerosis of the brain", and became so violent that he had to be sent to the State Hospital for the Insane at Independence, Buchanan co., Iowa, where he died a few weeks later on 25 May 1951. He was buried in Reeseville Cemetery, Jackson co., Iowa, with many other members of the family.