Fifth Generation


97. Carl August SEEMANN was born on 29 Aug 1868 in Elk River twp., Clinton co., Iowa, the son of Hans and Maria C. (PETERSEN) SEEMANN. He relocated with his family to Sioux Valley twp., Union co., South Dakota in 1884, at the age of sixteen.

Carl was educated at Iowa State Universty at Iowa City, followed by further education at the St. Louis Medical school, from which he graduated in 1899.  He then attented the St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1898-99, he lived with, and studied medicine under his brother, Dr. Fred Seemann in Dubuque, Dubuque co., Iowa, and about 1899 relocated to Freeport, Stephenson co., Illinois, for a short amount of time.  He received his certification from the State Board of Health in South Dakota on 8 Aug 1900.

On 27 Jun 1901, he married 25 year old Martha Elizabeth APEL,  daughter of Charles and Augusta APEL of Dubuque.  Martha was born on 6 April 1876, in Dubuque.  Later that year, Carl attended Rush Medical College at Chicago, Cook co., Illinois, taking a course of study in eye, ear, nose and throat, qualifying him as a specialist.  Afterwards, in 1902, he was again assisting his brother Dr. Fred in Dubuque. 


Dr. Carl Seemann

(photo courtesy of Mike Seeman)

Downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin, showing Dr. Carl's office

above the Baumann Drug Store, beneath the red "X"




Dr. Carl Seemann, making a "house call" in South Dakota.


They spent 1903 in Freeport, Illinois, with Carl keeping an office at 404 in the Rice Building, and a residence at 181 Broadway.  Later that year, they relocated to Oshkosh, Winnebago co., Wisconsin, where Carl established a medical practice.  His office was located on the corner of Main and Algoma streets, above the Baumann Drug Store, as pictured to the left. The picture was taken at the same time Dr. Carl was practicing, and his office is located just below the red "X".   Initially, the family lived a 234 New York Avenue, later moving to 127 Mount Vernon.  During this time, he placed a number of interesting advertisements in the newspaper.


In 1910, Carl went to Tulare, Spink co., South Dakota, to relocate his medical practice.  His wife and three daughters followed him in the spring of 1911.  Except for possibly living in National City, California about 1938, they spent 42 years in the Tulare community. 


In 1952, Carl and Martha moved to Miller, South Dakota, and it was here that Dr. Carl passed away from mycardial failure on 9 Aug 1954.  His funeral was held at the Tulare Masonic Temple, and he was buried at Tulare cemetery.  After the death of her husband, Martha made her home with her daughter Marcella, who also lived in Miller.  She died 11 Jun 1960, and was buried next to her husband at Tulare cemetery.


Carl was a Mason, as well as a member of the OES, and was described as "a man of pleasing personality, of genial, social temperament, optimistic, hopeful, a lover of good comradeship and fond of good cheer."







The Children of Carl and Martha Seemann:

Gladys, seated and holding Carl

Marcella standing in back, Dorothy in front

Carl & Martha, on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

(photo courtesy of Vay Rodman or John Barret)


The children of Carl SEEMANN and Martha APEL are:



Marcella Maria SEEMANN.



Gladys Lucille SEEMANN.



Dorothy Elizabeth SEEMANN.



Carl Frederick "Bud" SEEMANN was born on 5 Sep 1912 in Tulare, Spink co., South Dakota. He lived in Los Angeles, California in August of 1954, and by August of 2005 with his daughter in Washington .  He died on 31 May 2007