Sixth Generation

125. Olive E. SEEMAN was born about 1914 in California, to John J. and Lettie (HARPER) SEEMANN.


1910 Census, Los Angeles twp., Los Angeles co., California.

Seeman, John J., head, 44 cross out, married once, for 20 years, b. IA, both parents b. Germany, engineer in mine
Lettie D., wife, 39, married once, for 20 years, 7 children born, 7 children still living, b. IA, father b. PA, mother b. IL
Emma M., dau, 19, single, b. Ia
Edson J. or T., son, 16, single, b. Ia
Clifton P., son, 15, single, b. Ia
Lena M., dau, 13, single, b. Ia
Lewis H?, son, 11, single,b. Ia
George H., son, 8, single,b. Ia
Jessie, dau, 6, single, b. Ia

She lived in Newhall, Los Angeles co., California in Sep 1966.  She married Mr. REYNOLDS.