Hammer Family Ancestors


Welcome!  I'm Karen, a granddaughter of Adolph and Agnes Hammer, and Lisa Klungseth.  The purpose of this site is to provide a place for the exchange of items relating to our family's history, both here and in Norway.  Many aunts, uncles and cousins have contributed photos, information and stories which have made our ancestors come alive.  If you have anything you can add, please email me


The photos to the left all belonged to Adolph and Lisa, so they have special significance.  I hope you enjoy your visit! 





Photo Albums

     Ancestors - a pedigree chart

     Names - A list of all names on this site

     Andreas and Anne Johanna Larsen - their story

     The children of Andreas and Anne Johanna Larsen -
               Anna, Johan, Lars, Sigvard, Laura, Ole, Oluf, Emil, Adolph

     Adolph and Agnes Hammer - their story

     Justin and Marie Frendal - their story

     Lisa Klungseth Hammer - her story

     Miscellaneous - some great stuff you won't find anywhere else


     Photo Album - Andreas and Anne Johanna Larsen
               Parents of Adolph Hammer

     Photo Album - Justin and Marie Frendal

     Photo Album - Adolph and Agnes Hammer

     Photo Album - Adolph and Lisa Hammer

     Photo Album - Adolph and Lisa's Wedding

     Photo Album - Family Reunions

     Photo Album - The Klungseth Family




Fader vor, du som er i himline.
Helliget vorde dit navn.
Komme dit rike.
Ske din vilje, som i himmelen saa or paa jorden.
Gi os idag vort daglige brød.
Og forlat os vor skyld, som og vi forlater vore skyldnere.
Og led os ikke ind i fristelse.
Men fri os fra det onde.
Ti riket er dit, magten og æren i evighet.