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Adolph & Lisa's Wedding

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Adolph & Lisa

American Lutheran Church,

Huron, SD

Cutting the Cake

The wedding guests

The bride in her traditional bunad

The bride, groom

and witnesses

On the steps




Guests Mingling

American Lutheran Church

The wedding invitation





Wedding Sermon

 American Lutheran Church
Huron. S. Dak. (U.S.A.)
(Sander Tolefson, pastor)

Dear bridal couple:

We greet you, who stand here in front of this altar on this your memorable day. A long time ago in the history of the world there was a young woman who said these words: "Where you go will I go; where you live will I live. Your people shall be my people, your God shall be my God." This day will remain in your memory as long as you live. In a special manner the bride today says to her bridegroom: "Where you go, will I go." Tow lives are united on this wedding day. This wedding is unique, when we think that a few weeks ago you were separated from one another by the Atlantic and nearly half of America's land. But distance means so little in our time. The bride comes from the other side of the ocean, from her fatherland, land of her birth, her home. Here she waits for one who shall accompany her on her way through life from now on. "Where you live will I live." It is not only a casual friendship which has brought you together to this altar today, but a friendship from your youth, from the land where both of you were children, with the same mother tongue, your fatherland.

A wedding is in a way a uniting of two families, the bridegroom's and the bride's. Both close relatives and family members will be special to both of you so you can say: "Your people will be my people."

You were raised with one common belief. One found his home in America for these many years. The other was in the home of her birth, Norway, as a teacher. But it is for both of you, the same belief in Him who is "yesterday and today the same, yes, to eternity." Therefore I can also say for each of you: "Your God shall be my God."

May this belief be a bond between you on the way. You will need Him, His guidance, help and love, both in sunshine and shadow, need His light and guidance. "Your God, my God."

So, good luck! Friends near and far have you in their thoughts today. The bride's parents there at home are certainly also here in this place. For you, the bride, this is a strange land. But we hope that it will not always be so. Take with you on the way in your home, Him who at this altar stands with His hands lifted in blessing. Better good wishes cannot be thought of than this: "The Lord bless and keep you, the Lord let His face shine on you and give you mercy. The Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His peace. Amen.