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Our cousin in Norway, Tove Fagerhøi, was kind enough to send us information and photos concerning our family in Norway, primarily the family of Agnes Hammer.  Tove's grandfather, Emil, was Agnes' oldest brother.


I compiled the information she sent, along with information I had previously, into a pictorial family history, using these photographs.  I hope Tove will forgive me; I used many of her words in constructing this story, as I'm not much of a writer, and she said it so well. 


Click on the thumbnails below for a larger version of each photograph. 



Justin Meyer Jørgensen Frendal was born in 1867 in Leirfjord, to Jørgen Ingebrigtsen and his wife, Anne Marie Matiasdatter, the fourth of six children.  The farm at Leirfjord consisted of five "husmannsplasser," (small rented farms) and Justin was born and raised on one of them.  After his marriage to Oline Marie Evensdotter (aka Anne Marie), they continued on at Leirfjord before moving on to Breivik.


Below: Photos of Leirfjord















At Breivik, Justin worked on a "husmannsplass"; the workers on these small farms were usually given just enough food and clothes to get by, plus a small salary, with the remainder of the profits going to the main farm owner.  Justin's parents are also there in the 1900 census, in a separate household.  But despite the obstacles, Justin was a hard worker, and accumulated enough money to buy his farm at Frendal, on the island of Jøa in Fosnes.


Photos of Breivik




The road to Breivik; at the time Justin and Marie lived there, the only way to get there was by boat.


A photo of Breivik.


The area surrounding Breivik.


Justin and Marie moved to Frendal in 1904, where they lived out the remainder of their lives.  They had six children: Emil, Oddvar, a daughter Agnes who died at the age of 2 weeks, another daughter Agnes, Ole, and Ingvar.  Oddvar died at about age 30 from tuberculosis; Agnes and Ole emigrated to the United States, and Emil and Ingvar remained in Norway.

Justin was a hard working man, and very handy.  He did a lot of fishing, often getting up at 5 a.m. to go out to sea; he also had a blacksmith shop where he spent a lot of time.  In addition, he had a sawmill, as pictured below.


Below: Photos from Frendal



The road sign pointing the way to



  A view of the island of Jøa from the ferry   The mail box and garbage shed at Frendal



Justin and Marie's house



Another side of the house


Justin's gray boat house.



Justin's sawmill



Interior of the saw mill


Justin's blacksmith shop




A field of wildflowers next to the boat houses



Frendal in 1954


Son Emil's military photo, about 1913



Justin and Marie with their sons Emil and Oddvar


Margit and Signe's baptism; Marie seated in front holding Margit, and Justin in back third from right



Marie Frendal and her son Emil's wife Fanny, holding twin daughters Margit and Signe



Margit and Signe's Confirmation, 1948


Emil in 1954, at daughter Margit's wedding.


Justin's Funeral; Ingvar (left) and Emil carrying the casket from the house





Margit (left), Eilif, and Tordis children of Emil



Margit and her husband, with Tove and her baby sister


Margit (left) and Signe

twin daughters of Emil & Fanny




Tove's Grandmother Fanny, (wife of Emil) 80th birthday

Children Tordis, Margit, Eilif, and Signe

  Tove's Grandmother, Fanny, as she remembers her  

Tove's parents

(Margit, daughter of Emil)



Marie Frendal's parents were Even and Olea Ganesvik, from Vemundvik.  At Ganesvik, where the family lived, the foundation of their home still remains in an area otherwise completely deserted.


Photos from Vemundvik





Above, Left and Right: Scenes from Vemundvik






    Olea Ganesvik, mother of Marie Frendal    


Justin and Marie spent the remainder of their lives at Frendal, Marie dying in 1952 from cancer, and Justin in 1957.  They are buried at Duun church at Jøa.

Family Headstones




Ingvar and Jorun Frendal

son and daughter in law of Justin and Marie




Emil Frendal Breivik

Fanny Otelie Frendal

son and daughter in law of Justin and Marie




Eilif Joannes Frendal

son of Emil and Fanny

grandson of Justin and Marie






Justin Frendal

April 4, 1867 - April 8, 1957

Marie Frendal

June 4, 1868 - June 27, 1952





Duun Church cemetery where Justin and Marie are buried



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