This map is from Tove, as are the explanations below.

The significant localities are circled in bright pink, and include:


1) Breivik - toward the bottom of the map. "Breivik" means "wide bay", and is a common name, since it describes a lot of places in Norway!  Justin and Anne Marie lived there after their marriage, and they took that name.  This is where Agnes was born.  Three years later, they moved to Frendal, on the island of Ja.


2) Frendal - the location of the farm is where the star is, below "2".  This is where Justin and Marie lived out the remainder of their lives. 


3) Vemundvik - where Marie's mother was from, southeast of Ja.


4) Hundhammer.  Note Klungset next to it.


5) Kolvereid - northeast of Hundhammer.  This is where Anne Johanna Larsen (mother of Adolph, Emil and Oluf) was born.


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