Mustard Plaster - Lillian Knutz

Silly Putty - Karen Seeman

Spray Cleaner - Lillian Knutz

Window Cleaner - Louise Ulmer










Mustard Plaster


1/2 heaping tsp. dry mustard

1 heaping tsp. baking soda

3 heaping T. flour


Mix together and then with warm water to make a paste, and apply to a cloth.  Paste should be 1/8" thick.  Fold cloth over and apply to chest to loosen congestion.  Watch for burning.  Adjust amount of dry mustard to control heat produced.



Spray Cleaner


1/4 C. Cascade dishwasher detergent

1 gal. water

1 C. Clorox bleach*


*note - bleach will remove color from clothing, so use caution while using, but this would be good for disinfecting surfaces after handling raw meat.



Window Cleaner


1/2 C. ammonia

1 pint alcohol

2 tsp. liquid dish soap


Mix ingredients, and add enough water to make one gallon.




Silly Putty


1/2 C. Elmer's White Glue (NOT school glue)

1/2 C. liquid starch


Mix together and stir it forms a ball; store in a sealed plastic container.

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