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Obituary of Ella Christensen
Obituary of Lillian Knutz
Obituary of Edna Carey
Obituary of Peter C. Christensen
Obituary of William F. Knutz Jr.
Obituary of William F. Knutz, Sr.
Obituary of Elvirta Knutz
Death Notice of Ella Christensen
Delayed Certificate of Birth, Ella Monsen Christensen
Papers of Peter Christensen (from Sylvia Christensen)
Alvilda Olsen Monsen, Personal Papers
Certificate of Death, Peter C. Christensen
Certificate of Death, Ella Christensen.
Certificate of Death, Lillian Knutz
Certificate of Death, William F. Knutz, Jr.
Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival, Oscar II, Feb. 27, 1908
Baptisms in Bergen 1815-1894,
Emigration Records from Bergen, Norway

Beadle county, South Dakota Naturalization Index,

South Dakota State Business Directory, Huron, South Dakota, 1909 (Gazeteer Publishing Company).
1920 Federal Census, South Dakota, Beadle co.
1930 Federal Census, South Dakota, Beadle co.
1865 Norway Census, Hordaland, Bergen
1891 Norway Census, Bergen
1900 Norway Census, Bergen
"F-O Christensen is Killed In Corsica". Huron Daily Plainsman.
"Farm House Struck By Lightning, Burns". Huron Daily Plainsman
Social Security Death Index.
1966 Beadle County Farm and Ranch Directory. (Directory Service Company, Algona, Iowa, 50511).

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