Beadle County History in Pictures and Stories




The Menzie House Hotel - an Early Problem Property


A Perfect Storm
          The unexpected savagery of the April 1937 blizzard in eastern South Dakota caused havoc and wreckage of two Chicago and North Western trains.       


Independence Day, Great Depression Style

          A Clifton township family's massive July 4 shindig drew a huge crowd.


The Mysterious Life of Dr. Friede Van Dalsem -

     Huron's first female doctor led a life of mystery and intrique.

     Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



The Depot Hotel Burns - Pioneer landmark destroyed


Miss Birks - a fixture at Huron High School


Beadle County and the Deadly Blizzard of 1888

Run For Your Life - A Story from World War II

          A Norwegian immigrant in Huron tells her story.


Huron's First Radio Station

          No, it wasn't KIJV, and Bud Holle didn't work there!




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