Beadle County History in Pictures and Stories




The Menzie House Hotel - an Early Problem Property


A Perfect Storm
          The unexpected savagery of the April 1937 blizzard in eastern South Dakota caused havoc and wreckage of two Chicago and North Western trains.       


The Mysterious Life of Dr. Friede Van Dalsem - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
          Huron's first female doctor led a life of mystery and intrique.


Independence Day, Great Depression Style

          A Clifton township family's massive July 4 shindig drew a huge crowd.


Run For Your Life - A Story from World War II

          A Norwegian immigrant in Huron tells her story.


Huron's First Radio Station

          No, it wasn't KIJV, and Bud Holle didn't work there!


Miss Birks - a fixture at Huron High School


Beadle County and the Deadly Blizzard of 1888


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